Our story

Right from the get-go in the Spring of 2017, our goal has been clear: to help people develop their programming skills. We have quickly grown from a group of four, enthusiastic founders to a 100-person IT-consulting and ICT-training company. During this time, we have helped thousands of young people, students and unemployed to develop their programming skills.

From 2018 on we have offered IT-consulting and software development services. Our biggest customers are from ICT, healthcare and finance. Our main technologies are embedded Linux, C, C++, JavaScript, React, Node and C#.

Our programmers have experience from trainee-level to decades of programming and project management. As we see it, a software developer’s training is never finished. Our consultants are constantly working to educate themselves and improve their skills.

We are not too picky about our programmers’ formal education, mother tongue or necessarily even their work history. Our application process focuses on measuring the applicant’s real technical skills and passion for programming. Each of our consultants has had a technology-related hobby for years. For us, programming is more than just a job.


  • 2016 The first Koodikärpät summer job event
  • 2017 programming clubs at the University of Oulu, Buutti is founded
  • 2018 first software project and our first office in Oulu
  • 2018 first software training with TE-services
  • 2019 Buutti Consulting and Buutti Education are split into their own organisations
  • 2019 first software projects in Helsinki and an office in Helsinki
  • 2020 software trainings in North Karelia, Pirkanmaa and Southwest Finland
  • 2020 first software projects in Tampere
  • 2021 new, bigger offices in Oulu and Helsinki
  • 2022 more than 100 employees

Our values

Possibility to have an impact

We all have the possibility to have an impact on our job description and the way we work, the possibility to get interesting job opportunities and support in our career development.


We aim to solve our issues primarily through discourse. We encourage each other and keep the work environment relaxed.


We aren’t looking to make a quick buck, but instead we aim to find the best and the most sustainable solutions to improve business both internally and with our clients.


Know-how and the will to improve are more important to us than just experience. We support each other on our journeys.


We are honest and transparent in our internal and external communication and decision making.


We trust each others’ knowledge and skills. We have trust in what our consultants have to say and their expertise.

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