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What is CodeMatch?

Do you already have some programming experience, but now you want to kick-start your career? CodeMatch makes that possible: you’ll get some great programming coaching and an exciting project to work on. CodeMatch is a recruitment service that connects promising junior-level developers and companies seeking new talent.

You will work as a software developer for our client. You will develop your skills and get to know the employer for around 9-12 months.

The goal of Buutti and our CodeMatch clients is always to recruit. Thus, you have an excellent opportunity to get a permanent job from our client during and after the consultation. Our clients have employed every single one of our CodeMatch programmers on a permanent full-time basis.

Who is CodeMatch suitable for?

CodeMatch jobs are suitable for junior-level programmers at the beginning of their careers. The right amount of work experience is around 1-3 years. We take note of any education, hobbies, and work experience that could be beneficial, so please let us know about them when applying.

Buutti Consulting careers are suitable for more experienced developers.

Working at Buutti

At Buutti, you will join a team of passionate tech experts. In short, all of our employees are great at what they do. Our recruitment process emphasizes true technical know-how and passion for the industry. For us, programming is more than just a job: our developers enjoy tech stuff in their free time as well. In our team, we have retro-style game developers, Arduino hobbyists, 3D-modeling enthusiasts, and many sorts of musicians. Your coworkers can and will offer you help at work and in your free time.


CodeMatch developers’ salaries are around 2800 – 4000 € / month.

Internship at Buutti?

We don’t currently offer internships. Get to know our education opportunities instead.

Contact us

Our emails are

Julia Räsänen

Talent Acquisition Specialist
+358 45 783 621 11

Matilda Mustakallio

Talent Acquisition Lead
+358 45 7832 9415

Our recruitment process

1. Application on our website

To start, tell us who you are, what you are capable of, and what kind of work you are interested in.

2. Phone call

We will get to know each other better. You can give us a broader image of your employment history, your interests, and any expectations/wishes you have regarding Buutti. You will also get to know more about working at Buutti and we will answer any questions you may have..

3. Programming assignment

Time to put your money where your mouth is. You’ll be given a programming assignment, which will measure the technical skills we require for the position.

4. Technical interview

This interview will measure your technical knowledge and might contain some difficult questions. You can also challenge our opinions, and find out if your views on technology match ours. We will also test your practical skills with a coding exercise.

5. Finding the right project

You’ll have a meeting with one of our salespeople, whose job is to find the right projects just for you.

6. Welcome to Buutti!

Time to put on your Buutti-hoodie and get the ball rolling.