CodeMatch Recruitment Service


At our recruitment service CodeMatch developers work on client projects but are employed by Buutti. The client has the opportunity to get to know the developer’s skills and expertise before hiring. The developer can also be used as a temporary and flexible resource: there’s no mandatory recruitment. If the developer matches the client’s expectations they can choose to hire the developer for themselves. After a 12 month trial period there’s no separate recruitment fee.

The benefits

Buutti’s CodeMatch recruitment service is a risk free opportunity for our client. The client has the opportunity to follow and see our developer work before making the decision to hire. CodeMatch enables our client to thoroughly familiarize themselves with how our developer works and what they know. The client can choose to hire the developer at any time they want, or inversely to terminate the contract immediately. Each and every single one of our CodeMatch developers has gone through Buutti’s 20-day intensive training program where they learn about our client’s technologies.

Who are the developers?

Only the best are chosen as CodeMatch developers. How do we know they are the best? Every applicant goes through extensive technical testing and programming assignments. Their skills are reviewed by Buutti’s experienced software developers. The chosen developers are enthusiastic programmers with experience hailing from higher education, hobby background or work experience (0-2 years).

Why pick a developer from Buutti?

We have several avenues when it comes to finding the best developers. Our recruitment and marketing teams continuously work toward attracting the most promising talent. We also offer training opportunities all over Finland throughout the year to ensure we get to pick out the best of the bunch.

Evaluating technical skills

To ensure we end up choosing the most promising talent, the applicants’ skills are reviewed by Buutti’s experienced software developers.

The contents of CodeMatch

Weeding out the applicants

CodeMatch candidates are chosen with the same care as our senior developers. The process includes interviews, a programming assignment and live coding.

Choosing the developer together with the client

We will provide you a careful review of the applicants. You can also interview them yourselves before making the final decision.

Intensive training program

We will offer the developer a 20-day intensive training program, where they will get to know the important technologies and practices of our client. This training period is paid.

Moving on to the client project

CodeMatch developer moves on to the client project with a strong base understanding of our client’s technologies of choice.

Contact us

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Lassi Kaisto

Business Manager
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